Mobile Disk – USB 2.0 + OTG microUSB 



  • Dual connection between your smartphone and computer
  • Expand your mobile device storage
  • Ultra compact and convenient
  • Simple one-touch backup
  • Easily manage your photos, video with app
  • Water, dust and shock resistant via advanced on-board chipset



The Sirius On-The-Go microUSB interface connects directly to mobile devices running Android 4.1 or higher, all without the need for a cable or an adaptor. Its standard USB head connects to any desktop or laptop computer’s USB port.

Sirius is manufactured through a advanced chip-on-board (COB) process, resulting in high water, dust and impact resistance for the drive. It is engineered to be of the highest quality and reliability.

When you need move large amounts of data to or from your phone, like video files or high-resolution images, wireless transfer can take too long. The Sirius eliminates the hassles of slow or patchy connections.




  • Interface : USB2.0 + microUSB (OTG)
  • Capacity : 16GB, 32GB, 64GB
  • Write/Read Performance : Up to 15 / 30 MB/sec
  • Color : Black, Sliver
  • Dimension : 31x12x4.5 mm
  • Weight : 4g
  • Best for : Android Smartphone / Tablet, Desktop, Laptop
  • Certification : CE, FCC, RoHS