Solid State Drive Pro GTA225


• SATA III 2.5” With 3D NAND Flash

• Fast performance with intelligent SLC caching algorithm

• Advanced error correction code technology


The PRO GTA225 solid state drive implements 3D NAND Flash and a high speed controller. Offering capacities up to 960GB; it delivers read/write performance up to 560/460MB/s.

The PRO GTA225 features SLC caching and advanced error correction technologies to ensure optimized data performance and integrity.


Bad Block Management for Higher Reliability

To prevent NAND flash corruption, the PRO GTA225 is built with bad block management technology. Bad blocks are continually monitored and replaced to keep your system in good condition and to improve the reliability and endurance of the SSD.

For those who want to experience a clear PC upgrade, PRO GTA225 is an excellent choice for speed critical workloads.



  • Capacity :120GB、240GB、480GB、960GB
  • Interface : SATA III 2.5″
  • Performance (Max) : 560MB/s, 460MB/s
  • Shock resistance : 1500G/0.5ms
  • MTBF : 1,500,000 hours
  • Temperature (Operating) : 0~72°C
  • Temperature (Storage) : -40~85°C
  • Operating Voltage : DC 5±5%
  • Weight (max) : 63g
  • Size : 100 x 69.85 x 6.8 mm