Traveler – PD+QC3.0

USB Power Charger



  • With smart 40W 5-port USB to fulfill all your devices brimming with power, or even share with family or friends!
  • Most compatible with all devices’s connector by QC3.0 USB, TypeC-PD and USBx3
  • Charges an impressive 4x more quickly than standard chargers
  • 35 minutes quick charge to 85% capacity for compatible device with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0
  • 100% Safe Charging: Charging has never been safer with overcharging, overheating, and short circuit protection



Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 fast charging technology helps to preserve the life of your battery, whilst providing the speed you need. It’s the best of both worlds when it comes to charging your phone!


Effectiveness. No need to wait!

Safe and rapid charging of  iOS, Android smartphones and tablets, using the latest high-pass fast charge technology: 

4x faster speeds than standard charging

38% faster than QC2.0

80% full in 35 minutes for charge compatible devices from 0%


What Is QC3.0?

QC3.0 achieves optimum power transmission throughout the charging cycle. It maximizes charging efficiency, whilst avoiding overheating of the battery being charged.

When compared to compared to the QC2.0, QC3.0  further improves the “Intelligent Negotiation for Optimum Voltage (INOV) algorithm, meaning that the best possible  voltage is delivered to your device.


What Is PD3.0?

Next generation of its USB-C with Power Delivery (PD) 3.0 which has worked to improve its power delivery but is primarily known for offering increased amounts of information about the device being charged and its power/ battery. This includes reporting any malfunction or system change within the device, temperature of the device, or what may be causing hold ups or decreased charging speed, etc. For example, if an over-current or over-voltage occurs while charging, your device will notify you with a data message of the mishap.

USB Power Delivery is a useful specification, it enables a wide range of devices to share chargers and even power each other seamlessly. That’s a welcome change in a world where each new smartphone brings with it a new charger.

From smartphone’s view, USB Power Delivery is a bonus luxury rather than a major shift in charging capabilities. Smartphones aren’t going to use the very high power charging modes, and so far it’s not used to charge phones any faster than other standards. It also adds additional complexities to the USB circuitry and development costs, yet USB Type-C’s 15 watt capabilities alone are enough to charge up a typical smartphone battery considerably in just 30 minutes.

*For more information about USB Power Delivery please visit: USB Power Delivery Explained



  • Input voltage: 100 – 240V AC, 50/60Hz
  • Output : totally 40W
    • QC3.0: 5V 3A, 9V 2A, 12V 1.5A
    • PD TypeC: 5V 3A, 9V 2A, 12V 1.5A
    • USB*3: 5V 2.4A max
  • Color: Sliver, Black
  • Dimension: 82x82x32 mm
  • Weight: 180g
  • Certification: CE, FCC, RoHS